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sofie's 2 month photos // erie, pa baby photography
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I have the honor of photographing this little girl every month for her first year. Sofie's story is so unique. She is the blessed little baby who has her loving adoptive parents, Kristie & Rob who adopted her in November at birth. And she has the honor of knowing her birth mother & father (Rhi & Rob) interact with her on a regular basis. For more about their beautiful story, check out Kristie's blog here.

Here are a few from Sofie's newborn family session at the hospital, and then a few from month 2. We missed month one but caught up with some beautiful photographs in January. Here's the litte sweetheart! Sofie you are so blessed with so many who love you!

The hospital, day after she was born. From the left, Rob, Rhi, Sofie, Kristie, and Rob 🙂

And at 2 months… 🙂

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Meet Rachel
Meet Rachel

Hi there! I am an Erie, PA-based photographer who specializes in weddings, families and newborns! My goal is to keep it real. I will capture true emotion, natural expression, and authentic joy in your photographs using beautiful settings and light.

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