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my daughter chloe is 1 year old!
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Dear Chloe,

I am in awe of you and your beauty and sweetness. I can’t believe that God blessed me with such a an incredible child. I can remember the day we found out you we were going to have you, and being in disbelief. After a hard pregnancy, I went to the doctor to be checked and they told me that you were going to be coming that night! We couldn’t believe it. We went to the hospital and felt scared, jumpy, but mostly overjoyed. I remember how hard it was to get you out of me, and the precious moment when I saw you for the first time and got to kiss your sweet little face. Then they took you and cleaned you up, and brought you back to me after the doctor’s checked you and I over to make sure we were going to be ok. You were so quiet, sweet, and alert. I remember when your eyes looked at me, and taking pictures of you and having the family around just in awe of you.

Chloe only a few hours old, March 9, 2010

Chloe at 1 year old, March 9, 2011 with her present from mommy & daddy


It’s been one year since that day, and you have changed so much. It goes so rapidly, I feel like I blink and you are a new child, with some new talent or babble to show us that day! When friends and family come to visit, you just light up when people enter the room! 

Chloe, your birth and life has completely changed me and your daddy. We are absolutely smitten with you, and our love for you is so deep, it is hard to describe. We will always always love you, and always be there for you, and be proud of you. I pray to God that you will know Him, and have a relationship with Him, and that the Father will protect your little life from harm. I lift you up into His hands right now, my precious, beautiful daughter. 

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