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It was so fun to get to see little Sofie again! I took photos of her every  month of her first year… and now she is getting so big!! What a pleasure to get to spend time with them again.  She was so sweet… she was our little echo and was a great little subject. We had a blast on this beautiful day!sofie2yrs-1008b sofie2yrs-1022b sofie2yrs-1026b sofie2yrs-1053b sofie2yrs-1075b sofie2yrs-1113b sofie2yrs-1127b sofie2yrs-1183b sofie2yrs-1220b sofie2yrs-1268b sofie2yrs-1286b sofie2yrs-1291b sofie2yrs-1351b sofie2yrs-1360b sofie2yrs-1398b sofie2yrs-1439b_duo sofie2yrs-1461b sofie2yrs-1498b sofie2yrs-1515b sofie2yrs-1525b_duo

Meet Rachel
Meet Rachel

Hi there! I am an Erie, PA-based photographer who specializes in weddings, families and newborns! My goal is to keep it real. I will capture true emotion, natural expression, and authentic joy in your photographs using beautiful settings and light.

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