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freeland, brooke, river & coming-baby :) : Erie PA, Child Photography
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Here’s some more photos from my spring contest photo winners! We had a great time taking pictures at the tail end of the spring blossoms with this loving and beautiful family. Brooke & Freeland are also expecting a second child so we got in some maternity pictures as well! Here’s some more too on flickr 🙂


A true Brooke & Freeland moment 🙂

Right at the end of the shoot, River was in such a good mood!!!

Love this expression!!


Meet Rachel
Meet Rachel

Hi there! I am an Erie, PA-based photographer who specializes in weddings, families and newborns! My goal is to keep it real. I will capture true emotion, natural expression, and authentic joy in your photographs using beautiful settings and light.

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  1. Amy

    ah! these are so cute. i love the one of him in the tree and standing on your little ladder!!! yayayay!

  2. Stace

    Amazing pics Rach!! The lighting and composition are beautiful! Where did you take these at?

    • 06.03.11

      Hey Staci – thanks!! These were at frontier park in some of the lesser used areas 🙂

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